Mehringer & Unger

Mehringer & Unger

Criminal & Law Enforcement
Technical Advisors for TV & Film

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Attention to Detail


Zeke and Randy's decades of hands-on experience will give your screenplay or production an unprecedented level of authenticity and real-world details - in law enforcement, tactics, private investigations, bounty-hunting and the criminal element. 

  • Law Enforcement Tactics
  • Law Enforcement Uniform Appearance 
  • Law Enforcement Radio Procedure 
  • Law Enforcement Behavior  
  • Special Weapons and Tactics 
  • Firearms handling/manipulation 
  • Law Enforcement Investigative Procedure
  • Bounty Hunter Tactics
  • Bounty Hunter Appearance
  • Bounty Hunter Behavior 
  • Private Investigation Procedure
  • Private Investigation Behavior 
  • Criminal/Gang Behavior 
  • Criminal/Gang Appearance
  • Clandestine Drug Operations  
  • U.S. Military Tactics 
  • U.S. Military Uniform Appearance 
  • U.S Military Radio Procedures
  • U.S. Special Forces Tactics
  • U.S. Special Forces Uniform Appearance
            .... and more.